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I’m Canadian but live in the US. North Dakota via Connecticut via British Columbia. How that happened is a semi-convoluted story that can be shortened to:

Girl meets boy. Marriage; immigration; divorce. Loathing of East Coast but works from home. Girl can work anywhere Internet is reliable. Company says must be in US. Research ensues. Girl determines North Dakota is most Canadian of states aside from Alaska, and border is only one hour away. Success. Ensue move.

I share thoughts and recipes for the most part. The thoughts tend to revolve around games and books. Others involve the BDSM/Kink community – I won’t post porn or anything like that, but I will talk about books, films, and general lifestyle subjects. My opinions on lifestyle matters are from the point of view of a … well, we’ll see what I am in several months time, won’t we? [Updated January 14, 2018].

Lately, I’m revisiting programming and site design. Python is a beautiful thing:

def beautifulThing(thing):
    if thing.lower() == "python":
        return "Beautiful."
        return ":["

So are HTML5 and CSS3. To the point that I’m working on using nothing but HTML and CSS to build this site. So far, the only Javascript I’ve used is a tiny external thing.

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