iOS Photo Management and File Renaming Annoyance
January 11, 2018 | ~1 min read time.

I have gotten over most of the annoyances that come with iOS, but there’s one that continues to rankle. Daily. I’ve put up a question about it on the Apple community forums to see if I can get an answer, but judging by the responses people were given in the photos for Mac sections, I’m not exactly hopeful.

I like to rename my photo files to anActualDescriptionOfTheImage.JPG from IMG_###_.JPG right when I take them. That way, when they are moved from the phone to the computer, I can deal with a nice, tidy list of filenames and know where I want to put them after import from there without having to sort through the images after the fact.

I take a lot of pictures. Sorting them takes an age. Renaming cuts down sort time by a lot.

iPhone flow: Take pictures > transferred automatically to PC through iCloud sync > scroll through a hundred images, proceed to rename them > manually move photos to appropriate places on the PC for storage or sharing via SyncThing.

Android flow: Take picture > rename > move to specific folders on phone depending on destination on PC > run SyncThing app to put photos in their respective folders on PC automatically.

As you can see, the Android process is much simpler. Yes, there’s an app called fsync(), which will sync files between my computer and the phone. fsync() is a SyncThing client for iPhone. Except I can’t have it move specific photo albums in iPhoto to specific folders on the PC. And even if I could, I’d still have to rename them all later. Which is easier if they’re all in a single folder instead of several folders. No matter which way I come at this, it’s more work and a giant time-suck to do what I need to with the iPhone than with Android.

So far, there is no App for this.