Popcorn Problems
November 16, 2017 | ~2 mins read time.

Part film review, part tiny rant.

I went to see Thor: Ragnarok this past Saturday (November 11, 2017), because I wanted something to take my mind off grandad. It was his birthday, and to top it off, Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day) has always held a special significance for me, which grandad instilled along with Canadian culture while growing up.

The film was a good choice. I needed a lot of laughs, and I was not disappointed. Thor is usually amusing in the films, they couldn’t have cast anyone better, and I liked the character in the comics back when I used to read them. Loki was true to form, though thankfully more Trickster than outright evil and horrible this time around. Character progression is nice to see. I recommend seeing it, if for the amusement alone. It was also really pretty. You get to see more of Asgard this time around, and it’s gorgeous. Sir Anthony Hopkins was amazing as usual. Even the Hulk has progression, and the banter between him and Thor and Banner and Thor is practically priceless.

I had a tiny problem though. When I got to the concession at the local AMC Theatre, and I presented my ticket on my phone. So far, so good. I then asked for a regular sized popcorn to be put into a large bag so I could evenly distribute butter sauce about the popcorn instead of it soaking through the top pieces and leaving the bottom dry and inedible for the most part.

I was informed that this was not possible. I had to pay for a large popcorn in order to accomplish what I wanted. I posted about it on Twitter, and a theatre rep said to contact the local theatre to speak to the manager, because my request was not unreasonable. Another woman had essentially done the same thing as I. She’d bought a regular popcorn and dumped part of it out in order to add sauce, shake, add a bit more, etc.

After two calls to the local theatre Monday and Tuesday, I gave up on trying to reach the manager that way. Instead, I sent feedback via their website. In the feedback, I put forth the suggestion that I be permitted to buy their annual popcorn bucket, pay the re-fill fee at the theatre ($4.49), but be allowed to bring my own popcorn with me. This way, I can have organic popcorn and butter with the better toppings, like curry or freshly ground sea salt and tri-colour pepper. The manager got back to me via email:

Regarding your request about our annual bucket, I just want to be sure I’m understanding the request correctly. You would like to buy one of our refillable buckets, but instead bring your own popcorn inside that bucket, and each time you do just pay the refill price. Am I understanding that correctly? If so, that does not sound like an unreasonable request.

Still waiting to hear back after confirming that he had the correct proposal, but this looks somewhat promising. I realize I’ll be paying more in the end for the privilege, but it will make going to the theatre that much nicer!