Accidental App Switcher in iOS 11
October 17, 2017 | ~1 min read time.

iPhone ScreenshotOne of my complaints with iOS was that there didn’t appear to be a way to open up apps that had been recently opened or were still running in the background. I complained about this to friends who have iPhones, and all of them said they didn’t quite know what I was talking about.

I would explain that in Android, there is a series of icons at the bottom of the screen that you can pull up just by tapping the screen [usually]: Back, Home, Switcher. The equivalent of blank stares via text or voice. Part of this is my own fault for not doing a search online, but I figured that people who have been iPhone users for years would know about this, if it existed.

The other day, I accidentally “double-clicked” the home button on the iPhone. I’m not calling it double-tapping, because it’s a physical button that had to be depressed. Anyway, pushed twice in rapid succession, and lo and behold: An app switcher.

A happy accident. I’ve one less complaint. It’s not very intuitive to use, and it’s much nicer to just tap an icon on the screen to get to it, but it’ll do for now.