The Nemesis [iPhone 8 Plus] Arrives
September 22, 2017 | ~1 min read time.

At 14:15 this afternoon, the UPS driver delivered the phone. He was either in a super-good mood or was excited for me with the assumption that the Apple package contained a new iPhone, because he was all, “Enjoy!” in a jaunty tone. Though, if it was the driver who accidentally saw me without clothes a few weeks ago, maybe he was just happy that I had some on.

Clearly, the decision was made between the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. I whined until he told me which one to buy, because I simply couldn’t decide. I’m not allowed to complain about no OLED screen, but I’m still allowed to complain about the hated home button.

I unboxed and took some pictures of it, but I’ve been allowed to stall on having to actually do anything with it, because I requested special hand-holding. I’m sure there are some specific things he’s going to want me to do with it while setting it up as well that will be simpler if I don’t have to go back in after the fact.

I bought the silver model, because I couldn’t get red, and I don’t like their black hues. I will grudgingly admit that It’s not hideous. It’s enormous, but it’s not hideous. The viewable screen size is only a couple of mm larger than the HTC One M9’s screen, but the phone itself is noticeably bigger and heavier. Hopefully, it’ll still fit in my pants pocket! I’ll try that out next time I put pants on.

If the iPhone had feelings, would it be upset that it was having images taken of it by a camera I’m going to miss a lot?

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