The Road to Hell ...
August 28, 2013 | ~1 min read time.

... is paved with good intentions. I had all sorts of them when I came back in January. I was going to write up a storm, and I was going to do it at least twice a week! However, sometimes life decides that is absolutely must have more time with great urgency. So, of course, I handed over all of it. And now, it is nearly 8 months later.

Things have been pretty good of late, despite the diagnosis of a chronic disease, which I'm sure I'll wind up writing about later on at some point. But not today.

Today, I'll let everyone know that I'm removing the writing services from the site. Clients come and go in spurts, usually when I'm already drowning in other projects. Because the timing has been horrible and I have little time of late, I'm going to only take on those projects that intrigue me greatly.

I'd like to spend more time posting here, creating more recipe posts, complete with how-tos, and working on my fiction writing projects. Of course, I'm itching for summer to go away! Soon, it will, which generally means more posts anyway!