Writing Keeps a Girl Busy But Power Outages are Annoying
August 29, 2012 | ~1 min read time.

I want to spend more time playing Guild Wars 2, but there is work to be done! One of these days I will write something about what it's like writing for clients via private contracts and TextBroker.

One great thing happened this past week, aside from the launch of the second most awaited game this year, for me at least - I was contracted to do a weekly column on a gaming website. I was very excited and just submitted my second piece.

Yesterday, Tuesday, August 28, A.D. 2012 was a complete write-off (haha) in terms of getting anything done writing-wise, so I played Guild Wars instead as much as I could. I really hat the heat. It's the end of summer and someone forgot to turn it down a notch. I can't focus when it's hot. However, the forecast said today, Wednesday, was supposed to be nice.

And it has been! It has been gorgeous all day. It's hasn't gotten warmer than 25°C all day. There's been a breeze and it's currently sitting around 23°C. That's the mid-70s for those of you who like the Fahrenheit scale. I was extremely excited to get a whole bunch of work done.

And then the city decided that they would screw up and cause a power outage in my neighbourhood. I thought that it was possibly planned, so I called to find out, but no. The power company had no idea what was going on. A couple of hours later, the power was back on. My day was ruined!

Ruined, I say. Well, the writing portion of it was. I'm trying to keep a schedule here. Now gaming time has been pushed back again, and I may not even get to it. How sad for me, no? At any rate, back to the paid writing! I shall endeavour to make another post tomorrow. It'll likely be a Guild Wars 2 post. Perhaps it'll be another writing post. I haven't decided yet!