Guild Wars 2 Head Start: Mostly a Success with a Very Few Hiccups
August 26, 2012 | ~3 mins read time.
View from the Hardest Vista Point Thus Far — it looks easy, but when you're experiencing way too much lag? Not so much!

I had a nap Friday, August 24, in anticipation of the ArenaNet staff opening up the Guild Wars 2 servers three hours early as they were suggesting they might. I started writing this post yesterday, Saturday, August 25, but we had some fun around here with bathing the cat and me getting sick from noxious fumes (waterproofing silver paint that is the shade of mercury)</p>

At any rate, I got up at almost exactly midnight on Friday/Saturday and the servers are up! Mad scramble to get logged in. I had character names to secure, damn it! So I got them all ready and started to play. There was a bit of a kerfuffle with the Guild panel. It said I wasn’t representing our guild, the Plastered Tyrian Sea Devils and that was a problem.

Now, I could still have done all sorts of things without it working properly, but I didn’t want to progress and do five hundred events, side quests, and so forth without representing the guild. Why? For the bloody influence, that’s why. Influence is the guild’s currency in Guild Wars 2: It buys the upgrades, the boosts, and so on. I had some stuff to do around the house, so I wandered off for a while.

That’s when the cat was uttering noises that made me a little concerned the humane society would be on our doorstep later on in the day. He really loves getting a bath. Never a more mournful sound will be heard in this house. Got that finished and came back to the game for a bit. Still with the broken guild! Eventually, by around 15:00 (that’s 3:00 p.m. for those of you who don’t do the 24 hour clock), the guild was working again and I was representing.

From there… fun ensued! I managed to complete Hoelbrak to 100 percent completion, despite the lag and an annoying jumping puzzle. I have most of the basic starting area for the Norn finished, gathered up a number of pets, which I randomly started naming after characters in the movie Erik the Viking, and two crafting professions. Unlike some other games of its type, Guild Wars 2 makes crafting less of a game unto itself. It’s more integrated into the overall experience. I can explore, complete Renown Hearts, and so on all while foraging along the way. I don’t have to go out of my way to find those materials and that is fantastic.

Overall, its been a relatively smooth launch, despite the issues with the guild and the ever-loving slowness of the in-game trade system. But, honestly? I survived the Diablo III launch with nary a ruffled feather, and this launch has been relatively smooth compared to that. I shall post some more in the coming days about all of this, but for now… for now, I head back into the game. I’d like toprogress my Ranger a little further today. I leave you with, as per usual, some images (click for bigger!) — the in-game world is gorgeous and this particular area reminds me of Northern British Columbia in a lot of ways:

View from a Hoelbrak Vista Point
Twinspur Haven Vista View
Zelechor Hot Springs Vista View
Another Hoelbrak Vista View