A Few Observations and Tips for Guild Wars 2 World vs. World Play
August 22, 2012 | ~2 mins read time.

Hello, everyone.

There was a Guild Wars 2 stress test last night. We — a guild member and I — decided to try out World vs. World (WvW) play during the time we had to play. I have to say that I have never had so much fun in an environment where its been a variation of player vs. player before. Ever.

It's never been so much fun being defeated, either. I'm a casual gamer and I don't tend to get cranky when I die in-game. Well, maybe if I was halfway through Inferno in Diablo III with a hardcore character, I might get a bit miffed. It's a little different when your character can't re-spawn.

I did discover that WvW might get a little expensive in terms of armour repair. While there were a few spots where we lasted for quite a while, at some point the defenders or attackers, depending on which side of the mini-war we were on, would invariably regroup and send out loads of fresh troops.

To take a fortress, you'll need tons of people to get it done. Alliances will have to be formed, even if loosely and on the spot by virtue of proximity and general direction. It would also be a good idea to ensure that one out of every 3 - 10 people in the group, if the group is planned, has some sort of group heal they can cast semi-frequently to help with a successful attempt at taking a spot. The camp we took was fairly easy, except for this one defender who managed to down practically everyone... repeatedly. We finally got him, though it took about 10 of us and a concentrated effort to do it!

However, the fortress we were trying to take with a mob of random players was a mess. We got into the center of the fortress, but everyone seemed to be totally on the offensive with no thought to helping other players until it was time to revive them, or "resurrect" as I like to call it. It didn't seem to be the best strategy.

One of the best things about WvW is that you don't have to worry about what level your character is when you go in. You're bumped to the equivalent of level 80 upon entering WvW areas. However, you may want to wait until you have whichever weapon you're using completely unlocked first. Getting a kill in WvW can be difficult since everything in the environment, including the deer, are level 80 as well.

The more you have unlocked on your character between weapons, skills, and skill point distribution, the more success you may have. A ranger with every weapon skill unlocked on her longbow will have more of an advantage over one who only has 2 skills unlocked on his.

And now, the image of a happy defeat. The mob came, the mob trampled. The very short individual with the blurred out name in the lower left was kind enough to resurrect me. Then the mob trampled me again. Good times (click to make bigger!):

The Very Picture of Defeat