Windows Throws Monkey Wrench Into Regular Post Progress
August 18, 2012 | ~1 min read time.

So, I was doing so well with updating with regular posts. Every 2-3 days and it was going alright for the most part. I discovered I had a corrupt file or two. Good times.

I decided to reinstall to factory defaults instead of downloading a copy of Windows 7, burning to disk, reformatting, and so on. Everything was going fine. I was on 234 of 7,023 Windows Updates (that is an exaggeration, but not by much), and the power went out briefly during the thunderstorm that came up out of nowhere with zero warning.

I'd been paying attention to the weather reports, but they kept getting it wrong, so I was sort of ignoring what they were saying. Oops. To be fair, it wasn't supposed to start until much later than it did. I also find it kind of weird that we have a lot of blips in the power here compared to where I lived in Canada. Like, every place I've ever lived in Canada. Maybe the harsher weather there has something to do with it. It pays for the power companies to have good, sturdy lines so their technicians don't have to be out at -43°C fixing things. Anyway, that caused all sorts of failures afterward.

Had to start from scratch. Most of it went smoothly, if a little time-consuming, but I would like Microsoft to do something about Outlook's wretched backup utilities. Practically every other program has some sort of backup that will do it all in one or two steps. Not Outlook. No, with Outlook, you have to save each and every single email account's info into a file. It saves all the messages and folders.

That's fine. However, it doesn't save any rules whatsoever. That's a pain in the ass. I'm sure I'll have those all back in place again in three or four months. At least I can check my various email addresses without dealing with webmail.

I should be back to regular posting come Monday. I'm taking a break until then on everything.