Am I Done with Diablo III?
August 07, 2012 | ~2 mins read time.

Heavens RestoredIt's been really hot out the last couple of weeks.  The USA is experiencing this horrible heat wave that has been impeding game time and work search time.  However, there have been days where it's been nice and the writing projects have been slow where I've thought, "Hey, I'll go play some Diablo!"

Then I get to the computer and end up surfing the internet or playing Guild Wars instead.  I'll usually log into Diablo III, but I don't get very far before I'm frustrated with being over-run by mobs.  Mobs that I should be able to deal with but can't, and I don't feel like heading back to lower levels to farm gold so I can buy my way past said mobs.

Yes, it's possible to buy your way past a mob in Diablo III.  Basically, you gather up enough gold (or actual dollars), head to the Auction House or RMAH, and purchase whatever you need to actually progress in the game.  Sometimes being many levels above what you should be for an area has absolutely zero bearing whether you're getting through that area alive or not without significant gear upgrades.

However, this isn't actually my main problem with the game right now.  Diablo II was much of the same.  I didn't so much enjoy farming gold or items, and I never really did that, but it was much easier to replay.  I know I said before that I felt like all of the people complaining that Diablo III didn't have nearly the replay value of Diablo II were dead wrong.  Well, it seems I was kind of wrong.  As much as I absolutely hate to admit that.

I like to play a character all the way through before creating a new one.  My Demon Hunter is currently level 50.  That's not bad.  Ten more to go until I've maxed her out.  So, what's the reason it's hard to replay?  As I said, I've never enjoyed gold farming.  However, I have enjoyed replaying favoured Acts.  The Acts in Diablo III are so bloody short that I can go through one in a couple of hours.  The higher the level I am while replaying lower levels that happen to have a few good spots for gold collection, the faster I can replay the Act.

It then starts to feel like farming.  I'd never be good at factory work for this reason.  Repetition of that sort is boring for me.  So, it seems that I might have to give Diablo III a rest for a while and go back to it later or play it for 30 minutes to an hour at a time once every few days or so.  That way, it won't seem so much like a grind.

Though, despite this issue, I still love the game.  The scenery is gorgeous, I love the new skill system, and I have fun with the Auction House.  So, Blizzard?  Not that you'll probably ever see this, but please hurry the hell up with the world expansion.  I heard you're working on the PvP arenas, and I really don't care about those.  I want a bigger world to explore and less repetition.