Character Creation and Gender Picks
August 04, 2012 | ~2 mins read time.

Stefan's "School Girl."So, it dawned on me when creating my Guild Wars 2 character that many men choose to pick female characters. For instance, to the right is depicted a screenshot of Stefan's (the friend who wrote the post on how to properly build a character) Human Ranger. Her outfit looks quite a bit like a classic anime/manga school girl's outfit.

Perhaps a school girl enjoying extracurricular hunting activities in the dead of winter in an anime story that takes place in a steampunk version of Siberia. I'm not entirely sure how the story would go, but that's what she looks like. I'm not, by the way, sharing her name because it's important that Stefan be able to snag it when Guild Wars 2 goes live. Now, my revelation that many men pick female characters got me to thinking off on tangents about gender, sexual orientation, and a load of other things that have nothing at all to do with Guild Wars. So, I'll leave those alone for now. However, it does seem that players pick character gender, when it's an option, for one of six reasons:

  1. The player is a man and wants to play as a man.
  2. The player is a woman and wants to play as a woman.
  3. The player is a straight man and chooses to play as a female because, and I paraphrase here, "Why would I stare at a male ass all day when I could watch a pert woman's backside in-game instead?"
  4. The player is a straight woman and would prefer the above statement applied to the male physique.
  5. The player is a bi-sexual or lesbian woman and, again, rephrase the statement in list item 3 to fit that scenario.
  6. The player is a gay man and would rather see a man's derrier for those hours of running about the world.

Of course, there are possibly combinations that I've not included. Actually, I know there are combinations that I've not included, but this post would get far too confusing if I did include them. So, out of curiosity, why do you pick the character gender you do when creating a character?