Looking Forward to Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event
July 11, 2012 | ~3 mins read time.

Guild Wars 2I just got a lovely email from the folks over at ArenaNet. It seems that the next Beta Weekend Event (BWE) has been announced and will run from July 20 to 22, 2012. I'm excited. I've been working on gathering up enough Hall of Monuments points in Guild Wars to gain certain goodies, including this hot Baroque Mask, for Guild Wars 2. Well, and some other things, but that was the one that caught my eye the most and I still need another 3 points to get there.  It's going to be difficult concentrating on building those points between now and the Guild Wars 2 launch date August 28, 2012.

I'm still working on Diablo III!  I want to get over Nightmare mode and through Hell mode in Diablo III so that I can concentrate on attempting Inferno.  I usually set up some time for myself to play DIII during the morning when it's not too hot, so I suppose I could share that time with working on those last three points.  At any rate, there is still time to pre-purchase GW2. Pre-purchasing is not quite the same as pre-ordering.

A pre-order generally means that you can put down a certain amount of money toward the purchase of a game. You can put down $5 or you can put down $25 or pay the game in full. However, you have to wait until launch day to actually play. In the case of a Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase, which can be done here, you buy the game in full and can then download and install it.

You can't play it until the next BWE, but it'll be ready to go for that and for launch.  The exciting thing about a pre-purchase is that you'll get a 3-day head start prior to the launch date, which is fantastic.  We (by we, I mean our guild from GW) will be busy setting up our guild space and getting a better feel for the game during that period and allowing our characters to advance some before everyone else gets to play.

I went ahead and got the Deluxe version of the game.  It comes with a few goodies.  The two I was most interested in were the Tome of Influence, which will allow us to get a guild boost straight away (especially since another member will have one, too), and a Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill.  There are a number of other goodies.  Unfortunately, from what I've read, the Collector's Editions are all sold out.

As it stands, I'm excited for the BWE to start.  It should be interesting and it'll let me decide if I want to stick with an Elementalist character or go with a Thief.  I've also got to decide on which race to go with, but I think that'll mostly be about aesthetics.  I'll write a little about that in a couple of days (meaning, I'm plan to write about it now, but schedule it to publish a few days from now).

The BWE will give me a good idea about which profession to start with and what kind of game play I'm in for.  From what I've heard, it looks fantastic and plays really well.  Between Guild Wars 2 and Diablo III, I should have more than enough to keep me busy until the DIII expansion is released.  It's going to be a good time for gaming the next while.