The Difference Dye Makes in Diablo III and Some Other Things
June 22, 2012 | ~2 mins read time.
No dye!
Pre-dye Demon Hunter

Now, it might be just because I'm a girl and I like to coordinate some. Hot pink shouldn't be worn with a crimson red hue. Not that hot pink should ever be worn, under any circumstance, but there we have it. At any rate, the accompanying screenshot is my Demon Hunter before tracking down some dye.

I hadn't been paying too much attention to how awful she looked until I got the new hood (helm).  I mean, really?  That blue is terrible at the best of times, but with the rest of the horribly mismatched outfit, it's a complete disaster.  The pants are all right when paired with the cloak (chest armour).  They sort of match, but the new boots I acquired ... let's just say that pastel purple is not my thing.  So, I got some Winter Dye, which is white in colour and applied it.  

This was the result, and I was so happy with it that I decided to do a 360 view:

After Winter Dye.
After Winter Dye application: It's all white, and I think it brings out her eyes.

Clearly, this could just be a girl thing, but if I have to wander around in the game wearing armour that has been looted off of various undead, such as zombies, and Hell beasts, it is bloody well going to look good. I was going to go with white and red, but I couldn't make a choice between the Cardinal Dye and Infernal Dye.

And now I'm going to leave you with a couple of images from Bastion's Keep, one of my favourite parts of the game, visually and one depicting my new discovery:

I discovered, quite by accident, that there is a zoom button - see inset. And now, on to the pretty!
Bastion's Keep.
Bastion's Keep, overlooking the battlefield.
Bastion's Keep signal fire.
Bastion's Keep, next to a signal fire and overlooking a mountain.