Diablo III Secret Level: Finally Got Taken to Whimsyshire!
June 08, 2012 | ~3 mins read time.

Talking to the Cow King to get into Whimsyshire. For those that haven’t played the game, but are curious… make small note of the map in the upper-right corner.

The Cow King.

A friend from chat got access to the Normal difficulty Whimsyshire by somehow managing to obtain all the parts to create a Staff of Herding. The cow level in Diablo II was tons of fun, but it was not nearly as hysterically funny as Whimsyshire is. It was an unexpected trip into Whimsyshire, so I didn’t get a chance to get video. I remembered a little belatedly to grab some screenshots. Here’s a look:

The Cow King returns some insults, provides access.

The Cow King.

That’s not Alice’s rabbit hole…

Access to Whimsyshire.

Ooh! My Little Po… wait! Wait! They’re attacking!

Homicidal Ponies.

Cuddle [Care] Bears, My Little Pony and colourful daisies attack at the rainbow! For the sake of accuracy, the brand names I mentioned are not actually affiliated with the game, but I grew up with both sets of toys and let me tell you… the only thing missing are the symbols on the bears’ tummies and the designs on the rumps of the horses. I mentioned that it might be good to make note of the map in the first image. The reason being is that they made the map match Whimsyshire - take in that glorious rainbow hued bloody eye-inducing map!

Care Bears, My Little Pony and colourful daisies attack at the rainbow!

I was too busy laughing and giggling to be effective in trying to get screen shots of the Care Bear type foes. They come at you in small armies and you need to concentrate on killing them. This one happens to be flying through the air after being killed.


The Chubby Unicorn is a Nightmare level monster. The name wasn’t very imaginative, yet amusing anyway. If you take in the detail, the Chubby Unicorn is heavier set than the others.

Chubby Unicorn.

This warm and fuzzy unicorn is a mini-boss by the name of Timok Filthpit. (Much more creatively named, no?) He decided that kicking me in the face after walling me in would be a good idea. I survived, though. (I’m giggling again writing this. The level is incredibly silly!)

Timok Filthpit.

Sometimes you have to take the fight a little too far. My Little Pony-like monsters just won’t stop. I tried to get a shot of the skeletal structure up in the air before it landed and broke a little bit, but I was too busy killing a swarm of Care Bears off screen to get the shot fast enough. I wonder, do glue factories take purple and pink unicorns?

More Carnage.

And there ends the tour of Whimsyshire on Normal Difficulty. There is no boss at the end of this secret level like there was in the Diablo II Cow Level. However, one of the people that commented on another post said that there is a boss in the Inferno Difficulty version of Whimsyshire. That ought to be fun!