Treasure Goblins and Gold Spam in Diablo III
June 04, 2012 | ~2 mins read time.
Treasure Goblin Chase.Happy Monday, everyone! I'm enthusiastic today and I have no idea why. The other day, I posted about all the spamming in the General Chat while in-game in Diablo III. Today, I check the blog's comments because if I don't do it daily, I wind up with hundreds to weed through. Askimet is good at catching spam, but sometimes it is a little overzealous.

Today, I found two spam messages from persons representing Diablo III gold selling sites. First, they irritate me by posting in-game. Now they're seeking me out to try to spam my readers? Not cool. I don't like it. It must stop! I've attempted to try to get on top of it. I've added the domains into the blocked list so they'll theoretically be stuck in the sticky web that is Askimet as soon as they try!

Here's to hoping. Moving on. The gold sellers got me thinking about the Treasure Goblins in Diablo III. More than once these mixture of copious amounts of free gold, amusing chases, and general amusement have gotten me killed. I'll be merrily (okay, sometimes maniacally) chasing one along and run into a mob that I am so not ready for. I lose the goblin, life, and... oh, wait. The gold stays on the ground. I don't mind getting killed when I can wander back, ready for the mob, to pick up all that glorious gold.

I have decided that people who buy gold and leveling from these sites probably shouldn't buy games in the first place. They're probably the same people who throw massive tantrums, even into adulthood, when they lose at something totally arbitrary or their "team" loses. Yes, pitch a fit (though, preferably in private) when you lose that coveted job you applied for to someone else. Hell, pitch a fit (though, preferably civilly) when the server at the restaurant you decided to try brings you glassware and utensils that are filthy or your chicken is raw.

But come on. Diablo III is a game. It is entertainment. It is not so important in life, unless you're a professional gamer, to win all the time and to do it quickly. The game is meant to take some time. Nobody cares when you say you've beat the game on every difficulty (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno) in less than a week. In fact, many of us will be somewhat envious at all the spare time you clearly have on your hands. Some of us will even think that you're some kind of crazy.

So, the point of this post? Get your gold from treasure goblins (and wherever else it drops in the game), avoid gold sellers (and gold sellers - please forget this site exists), and absolutely stop having tantrums about the game. If it's that terrible - stop bloody well playing it.