I Disintegrated Diablo - Thoughts and Screenshots
May 31, 2012 | ~3 mins read time.

A couple of days ago, I finally finished Diablo III in Normal mode!

Finished D3

I’d have posted about it already, but I’ve been busy with work and it’s been about the temperature of Hell’s furnace room here. Today, it’s finally decent enough that I can be productive. For those that don’t know yet, Normal Mode in Diablo III is sort of the “tutorial” for the game. It’s where players decide which class to play, if they haven’t already, and it’s where they define their playing styles. Obviously, if you’ve been reading posts the last couple of weeks, I picked a Demon Hunter. I started Nightmare mode shortly after finishing Normal and I’m pleased that it’s much more challenging and that there are more mobs. If I have one complaint about this game, it’s that Normal mode is excruciatingly boring in some parts - especially the large explorable areas and dungeons.

I haven’t had a chance to play a lot this past week for the previously mentioned reasons which means I haven’t had a lot of time to play with screenshots, either. I’ve done some of that and rather than writing a giant post, I’m going to post the screenshots and some thoughts and commentary in the captions.

A close up of Diablo disintegrating… Blizzard has said that it is planning at least two expansions for Diablo III. They’ve clearly shown that the Soul Stone, and therefore the Prime Evil may be involved somehow. I wonder if Diablo’s essence was sucked into it as it fell, or if he’ll just come back to haunt everyone again later on. After all, the series is named after him.

Diablo Disintigrates.

Diablo falling from the heavens… again. I didn’t manage to get a screenshot as the cinematic was playing that showed it, but as Diablo is falling and falling apart, the Soul Stone eventually detaches and falls through the clouds - it is not destroyed.

Closeup of Diablo Disintigrating.

Darkness lifts from the Heavens and the Earth. Click on these images to make them bigger. This cinematic was definitely pretty to watch. It had a proper amount of drama to it, as well.

Darkness lifts.

As the darkness lifts, the narrative tells us that the nephalem is “mankind’s greatest champion” (if you’ve played and haven’t figured this out yet or thought that the nephalem was Leah, like some people were speculating here and there, it should be pretty clear at this point that our characters are the nephalem)…

Heavens restored.

… and that we were humble enough to do what had to be done, whereas the angels were not. I have to disagree with those that have been saying that the story was weak in Diablo III. I felt that they brought enough subtly to the story line that it was just as strong as that of Diablos I & II. I also felt they did a better job of setting us up for any expansions that continue the story on after the restoration of the heavens and the latest downfall of Diablo. Four acts was a bit short – I wanted more. They have, however, promised more so I will go through Nightmare, Hell, and attempt Inferno and maybe by the time I’m done with those, they’ll have an expansion released.

Heavens restored.