I Don't Think Azmodan Was Talking to Leah in the Soul Stone Tableau
May 29, 2012 | ~2 mins read time.

I was looking through screenshots and replaying some cinematics to come up with some ideas for a few new Diablo III posts. It is going to be a busy week with clients. So, I figured that since I’m not going to have as much time to play as I’d like and the fact that a few things dawned on me while looking at the cinematics about the story arc. One of them is this: During the scene where Azmodan looks like he is talking to Leah when she finds herself “visiting” the Soul Stone and he is saying “One by one, our brethren fell into your trap, but not me.” On further reflection and paying more attention to the cinematic, I realized that he is probably actually talking to Diablo.

This brought up a couple of insights for me and I realized after the fact that it would have been glaringly obvious had I noticed one major detail in the cinematic. The camera angle pans and there’s one seat that is empty in the Soul Stone. Diablo is missing from the tableau and because it wasn’t outright in my face yet that Leah was Diablo’s daughter the first time around, I didn’t catch it at first. Now, however, I realize that we were being given a clue that Leah was already possessed.

Not only was she already possessed, but Azmodan’s words added some more depth to the story. I had been wondering why Azmodan would have thought that it had been Leah’s plan at all. He wasn’t exactly a character of low intelligence and, let’s face it, Leah isn’t exactly portrayed as a mastermind. Furthermore, I had wondered why we hadn’t been told who Diablo was hiding in this time. In past games, it was obvious that “the Stranger” was Diablo. Or, not so much obvious as it was strongly hinted at.

This time around, though, they were much more subtle. After realizing that Azmodan was looking past Diablo’s “monkey suit” in the form of his daughter, Leah, it became perfectly clear. Azmodan was taunting Diablo! I’m sure others picked up on this far before I have, but I haven’t seen any posts about it anywhere yet, so I thought I’d share.


Note: I have had a couple of comments from various people asking me why I refer to the humans as “monkeys” when I am putting something forth from the point of view of one of the Hell Brigade. It’s a term that amused me from the Prophecy series. Some Angels were jealous of humans. Rather than be nice about it, they’d refer to us as “monkeys.” Much more amusing than other pop-culture references that instead refer to we humans as “meat suits,” and such.