Diablo III Auction House Slowness Foils Diablo Boss Fight Strategy
May 27, 2012 | ~1 min read time.

Unlike a few people who have had the luxury of being able to play day in and day out since the release of Diablo III, I have not. I’ve had housewife type things to do, work to do (even though it’s from home!), and a cat who seems to go partially insane during rain storms, especially those of the thunder variety. So, time is precious, especially when I’m trying to get as much game time in as possible. I wanted to finish Normal mode sometime this week so I could enjoy the higher difficulty settings in, at least, Nightmare.

Normal has felt stupidly slow. So, as a result, I’ve been popping in and out of the auction house to buy little things. A new Hand Crossbow here, a pair of boots there. My current Hand Crossbow is getting 67.9 DPS, which isn’t bad. I can plow through everything up to Diablo at the end of Act IV. My problem, currently, is Diablo. I can’t seem to beat him. I don’t know if it’s my hands (that’s another issue for another day) making me a little slower than I otherwise would be, my Demon Hunter’s build, or what the problem is. What I do know is that I’ve leveled her up to 33, and he’s still being difficult for me.

So off I go to the Auction House to search around for some new gear, either another bow, maybe some armour – something to give me a teensy bit of an edge so I can move on from Normal (which feels like it has taken forever with the lack of decent-sized mobs in the lower Acts) to Nightmare. It is being godawful slow. I checked out the Battle.net forums a little while ago, and someone said that commodity trading (gems, dyes, etc.) had been re-instated.

That explains a lot. I suppose I’ll just have to continue fiddling around with my build and skill set while I go through some of the other quests again. Plan B, as it were.

Diablo III Gold Auction House Screenshot

Auction House Screenshot.