Finally Got a Diablo III Screenshot of my Demon Hunter
May 17, 2012 | ~1 min read time.
Diablo III Demon Hunter

So, I got hold of some dye, finally and decided to take a screenshot of the character. The dye colours are limited at the moment so I had access to some that makes whatever you've dyed invisible, some that remove colour, green, white, and blue. I believe there's another one, but I was looking for colours!Only parts of each piece that can be dyed (helm, cloth/leather on chest piece, boots, and pants) change colour. I'll get around to seeing if other dye colours will be available at a later stage, but I'm having too much fun playing right now to care much.

I just wanted to give my character a better look and to not look so mismatched. Her left hand crossbow, by the way, causes fire damage. I'm fairly certain that's the reason for the red around it. The other one doesn't inflict additional damage, but it is imbued with magical properties, thus the yellow glow. Also, something that I was pleased with - when you press the Print Screen key on the keyboard while you're playing in full screen mode, Diablo III saves it in a folder. Nice not have to drop down to windowed mode or stop the game to get a screen shot of what's going on.

That's my Diablo III update for today. Back to the game!