10 Days to Diablo Mania!
May 04, 2012 | ~1 min read time.
Yeah, yeah. I know the release date is on the 15th, which is technically 11 days away, but I should be able to pick up my shiny pre-order at midnight.

I doubt I'll be able to sleep. I will look all calm on the outside and the inside of my head will look like the crowd when Beatlemania hit North America. I'm a fangirl. There, I've admitted it. It's like Hallowe'en, Christmas, my Birthday, and all those other days throughout the year that I get presents all wrapped up into one giant mega-present. I blame Blizzard. They've taken so long to develop and release this game I feel like they've totally missed the point on delayed gratification, orgasm denial, and/or every other type of thing where a person gets all excited for something and that excitement builds as the wait goes on. It's like sitting a 5 year old in front of the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve and telling him that he's got to keep waiting until he's 15 to open them all.

Before you tell me that I should have bought the digital pre-purchase, I have this thing with packaging for certain "important" items. Namely, the pretty box. Also, if downloading DIII was going to be anything like trying to download WoW, I was foreseeing waiting for 4 days for it to finish while trying hard to not break things in my impatience. Safer all around to pick up a DVD copy and let the drive do it's installation magic that way.

So, midnight on the cusp of the 15th, I will be at the Gamestop waiting for the clock to tick on over into the new day. At least this is my plan. I'm going to be sad if it works out that I have to wait until sometime after the store opens the next business day. My inner-Beatlemania crowd just gave me the evil eye for suggesting that. Time to go wear off some of this energy before I spontaneously implode!