May Will Be a Fantastic Month
April 09, 2012 | ~4 mins read time.

I may be being overly optimistic about May, especially since April is barely a week over, but it is certainly stacking up to be a good month. I've started working again -- just a small, third party writing job creating articles for a company that re-designs websites. However, it's still writing and I do enjoy it! I'll be working on getting a regular job, as well, over the next few weeks so May should start me off with a possible new job. The first week of May will see the 25th wedding anniversary of one of a favoured uncle and aunt. And while both of these things are a cause for excitement, reflection, and general happiness, I find myself extremely excited about the release of a game. Diablo III is finally within my grasp!

Diablo II was released so long ago, that there will likely be teenagers who's parents, probably the fathers, are just as excited as I am. I know a couple of people who have been doggedly playing Diablo II over the years to keep familiar with the controls and the world for the inevitable release of Diablo III. I have played it sporadically and at this point it's nearly impossible to get it to play on my newer computer. I installed it on my husband's computer, which is probably about 6 years old. For those of you who are unaware, 6 years in computer years is like a thousand lifetimes in human years. OK, possibly not quite that bad, but you get the point.

I had to do some fancy tweaking in order to get Diablo II to run on this machine with the expansions, but I did it. It's still installed and I play it off and on, but I started getting annoyed with how long the Blizzard team was taking on this game. I understood when game engines were drastically changed. I wanted DIII to be not only pretty, but use the new engines. It'd make for smoother game play. I was a little mollified. Then there were sporadic updates and for the last two or three years, there would be whispers of fall releases that came to naught.

I had given up hope of ever being able to play the sequel. I would joke that I would be old, in a nursing home, and so arthritic that I wouldn't be able to operate a mouse and a keyboard. Then I said that wouldn't be my problem at all. Instead, our computers and gaming platforms would be installed in our heads, but I'd be so old that my aging brain wouldn't take to the new technology and I'd forever be unable to play. But then I received an email.

This email said that Diablo III would be released May 15, 2012. I thought it was a joke, but it did appear to be a legitimate email from Blizzard. I had to double check, though, so I loaded up the Diablo III website manually and lo and behold there it was all official. I have only one friend who was not excited about the news. He has said many times that Diablo II had so thoroughly taken up so much time back then that he cannot be bothered getting involved in the new game. Everyone else, though, is excited. Except my husband didn't quite get it.

He got in from work the day I found out and I was about bouncing off the walls like a two-year old on a Christmas morning high. "Chris!" I said, "Diablo III is finally being released and I can pre-order it now digitally but I want to go to Gamestop to do it there because I want to have the actual box and the actual disk and please please please!" I said it so fast and without any stops that he had to ask me to repeat myself. He told me that he'd said no more electronics until I have my very own proper job here in the USA. I said, voice raised, "This is not electronics! It is a game! And it doesn't count as electronics just because it requires electronics to play!"

He still didn't get it. I said, "The last Diablo II expansion was released in... I don't know, I'm pretty sure 2001 or 2002. The point is, they've been talking about making a third game since before the last expansion was released and as a result I have been waiting a decade for this damned game!" That still didn't do it, though, at that point I was starting to suspect that he was going to cave.

I am fairly certain that my childlike glee was what finally made him tell me "Maybe". We went to the Gamestop the next night. On March 31st, to be exact. They had no posters or anything in the store about the release. I was concerned again, but I asked, "Hey, is it possible to pre-order Diablo III?" It was. We decided to tack on Assassin's Creed III pre-order, too, and bought a game called Darksiders (which was surprisingly fun -- finished it already).

So. May is definitely going to be a fantastic month. I should have a new job. My uncle and aunt will be celebrating a very noteworthy occasion. I will finally be able to play that which I've awaited for a decade. Fan-tas-tic!