Chain Maille Creations - Celtic Stars
March 26, 2012 | ~1 min read time.
Celtic Stars
Maille|Chainmail - Celtic Stars

I've made chain maille [or chainmail, if you prefer] for several years now. I've mostly created simple bracelets and chokers with small jump rings made from anodized aluminium. Recently, I ordered some rings in various sizes so I could play with some more advanced weaves. I also got a sampler of scales (for making scale maille), because I intend on doing something with them next. With the new rings, I bought a tutorial for something called a Celtic Star Pendant. I made a couple stars last night in a relatively short period of time. They're a little big for what I'd wear as jewellery, but they're pretty.

I think if I decide to attach a store for various things onto the site, I'd probably want to call these Christmas tree ornaments instead of pendants. I suppose it'll depend on what I make them out of. When I order some silver or platinum jump rings, they would certainly make nice pendants in smaller AR sizes. These are fairly big at approximately 4cm wide.