New Netflix Irritations
May 12, 2011 | ~2 mins read time.

I'm beginning to see Netflix as a double-edged sword. On one hand, it's convenient to use the streaming feature via the XBox 360. On the other hand, it is becoming more and more irritating to find things to watch without having to head to the computer to find them via browser.

The XBox 360 app looks fantastic and I would argue that it looks much better than the main site. It's streamlined, simple to use, and the scrolling features are great. The two things that irritate me the most, however, are the same on the browser version: The terrible search feature and the "Like: Insert Title Here". The third thing has to do with the search feature too.

Many of the films and TV shows that are "like" others I've watched is because they were aired on the same network in the same decade or because they were made before or after 1980. This is not a good way to go about recommending movies and TV. At least choose things that are actually alike for a more tangible reason. Such as sharing an actor, a director, or a subject.

The Netflix XBox 360 feature searches titles but not plot summaries like the web version tries to. Unless you pretty much know the exact title and you don't want to get up to go to the computer to look for something, the search feature will not help you. This is annoying all on it's own, but the search feature gets worse: It also includes DVD only titles.

It's possible to find a sought after movie or TV show, and it will tell you if it's available via DVD even if it's not watchable right away via streaming. It will even give you a list of other movies that are similar, which is frequently annoying due to previously stated reasons. What is irksome about the search bothering to show DVD-only titles, is that it will not let you add titles to the DVD queue from the XBox.

I can add titles that stream until I'm blue in the face and it will pull an accurate list if I search on the computer and add them to my queue on the computer in real time. But I can't add to my DVD queue from the XBox? The code to add to your instant queue is there. It would be a simple thing to add something that allows a DVD to be added from the XBox. I know these are both little things and possibly not worth the effort it's taking to write this, but they are such silly things!