I Didn't Want to Have to Do This - Commenting Now Needs Approval
April 11, 2011 | ~1 min read time.

While I find it flattering in a small way that my blog now has enough hits and visibility that the spammers have found me and are attempting to use it to promote all kinds of products like Eastern European Gambling and MLM schemes, I don't like spam.

I don't like the canned meat and I sure as hell do not like it when I have to come in and spend as much time weeding out the bullshit messages and comments. To save myself future hassle, I have implemented a feature that allows me to look at comments before they are posted.

That said, if you make a relevant comment and hide the spam in it, I'll remove all spam related material and post it anyway - I can use you, too. If you make a legitimate comment as a reader of an article, be assured that the only time I will not approve your post is if it contains something pro-illegal. Feel free to disagree with me or agree, just keep it legal.

The reason I initially set up the comments so you don't have to sign up is because no one likes having to register to leave a comment one time. So if you spam a post that isn't even relevant to your spam, it will be removed the moment I see it.

There is an exception or two. If I do a post reviewing Kink.com and you think that SocialKink.com is better, then go ahead say so, and link away to the better site, in your opinion. That's not spam - it's relevant commentary. I will even allow comments that contain links to other blogs as long as it is relevant to the post or supports your comment. If you find a story, book, porn site, whatever else that directly relates to a topic I am going on about, go ahead and post your link with a relevant comment. If, however, I do a post on sex toys, I don't want to see spam for a John Deere tractor outlet. I am unaware of any John Deere-powered sex toys... so far. Who knows what the future holds.