Sucker Punch - a Movie Review (Has a Spoiler or Three)
March 30, 2011 | ~2 mins read time.

I saw the trailer for this movie while waiting for Due Date to start. I said to the husband, "Must. See." He said, "I don't think so." I got my way and it probably helped that I was moping over something going on a couple of thousand kilometres away that I couldn't make it to. Anything on my side!

The movie had my attention the entire way from the beginning to the end. That said, Sucker Punch is not a movie that is going to win an Oscar or be critically acclaimed in any way, shape, or form. However, it is exceptionally entertaining if you can reconcile the fact that it is a B-grade movie that was made with a fantastic effects budget.

From the steam-powered clockwork Nazi zombies (they all die, but I loved the absurdity) to the two beautiful dragons to the backdrops, sets, and lighting, this movie is a cornucopia of visual eye candy and creativity. The storyline is a little affected in places, and it's nothing "new" unless you count the fantasy dream sequences within fantasy dream sequences within the main storyline.

All in all, I really enjoyed the movie for what it was - pure mindless entertainment. If I have to criticize (which movie review would be complete without a critique or two?), I would definitely point fingers at a couple of the songs in the soundtrack. "White Rabbit" sounds much better, always, in its original composition, because no one does it quite like Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane. Secondly, the main character is sort of... vapid and listless.

I adore B-movies. I always have, but I want either over the top expressions and/or overdone line delivery. Every other actor brought their TV or sub-TV game face to the production except Emily Browning as Baby Doll. I understand that her character was supposed to be vacant at the end as a lobotomy will do that to a person, but it makes absolutely no sense why she was like that throughout.

Despite her failure at B-acting she didn't ruin the movie for me. She annoyed C so much that he couldn't get past it to appreciate all of the rest of the things that were so great about this movie. If you go into it expecting fantastic effects, fetish inspired costumes and sets (they were semi-arousing in spots), low grade acting and an over the top gratuitous story line you won't be disappointed. Go in expecting the Color Purple or even Bladerunner and you'll not be happy in the end.