Northwestern University Getting More Guff
March 16, 2011 | ~1 min read time.

So maybe I’m a little confused about what, exactly, a human sexuality class is and what should and shouldn’t be taught in one. According to this little story [] human sexuality classes should teach:

  • What is the true purpose of sexual expression in a society?
  • What happens to a society when sexual expression resembles that in a rabbit warren?
  • How are men and women degraded or honored by the current mores?
  • What place do chastity and marital fidelity play in a healthy society?

The tiny article then goes on to say that the Northwestern University incident involving a live sex demonstration was immature and not very adult. It was my understanding that nearly every human sexuality class teaches things about sexual interaction; STIs; society's views on certain topics such as sex positions, and even fetishes and kinks.

Pretty much everything to do with humans and sex, if it can be fit into a semester’s worth of classes. While the impromptu demonstration at Northwestern may have been more appropriate for a private club or even a research centre, the only thing that made it “bad” for the venue was the fact that it was unplanned.

The questions posed by the author of the short piece at the Chicago Tribune looks to be more geared toward very conservative discussions on sexuality and how it fits into society from an anthropological point of view - NOT from a psychology point of view (which, from what I understand, is the basis of the class in question).

If you’re going to disagree with something that happened, it’s a good idea to actually make a relevant argument against it.